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Posted by / 06-Apr-2018 23:21

I tracked this down to that the client had cloned some accounts from an account that used to have a mailbox attached to them.

Before cloning the accounts he had removed the mailbox from the template account however it had left the Exchange attribute “Show In Address Book” populated. When in Adsiedit open up the Default Naming Context then open up your domain name and browse to the OU that the user is in that you need to modify. Right click the user account and select properties.

So in a company with 200 users, the OAB size could increase by as much as 2 megabytes (10k x 200).

Since the OAB regenerates every morning, there will be 400 megabytes of extra network traffic each morning as 200 users download the extra 2mb worth of photos in the OAB.

OAB is stored on Exchange servers (see my previous article and downloaded to client once Outlook is configured in Cached mode.

Historically, there have been two ways to have photos appear in Outlook: each end user can manually add them on the client side or a server administrator can upload them on the server side.

There is now a third method that compliments the other two.

Outlook 2010 has a feature called the Outlook Social Connector (OSC) that can show photos in Outlook from Linked IN, Facebook, etc..

Right click on Default Offline Address List and click on Rebuild.

Came across this issue at a clients, they where running Exchange 2010 although this would also apply to Exchange 2007.

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You can help out by organizing a project at your company to obtain photos and then name them by their email address like “[email protected]” (I’ll explain why this helps later).