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It seems to me that there's a fair amount of reverse bashing going on in this thread.padman57: Again you are older, like me and people of our generation really had to work for everything they had.

The college kids of today live at home or on campus and mommy and daddy spoil them by paying all their expenses.

Yeah I dated a chick who thought her bachelors degree was a big deal, she was far from being the brightest bulb.Had a construction accident two months before my graduation, almost lost my arm at the elbow and never went back to school.My grades got me by and I got out of the hospital long enough to attend graduation, a big thing for my parents and all four grandparents who didn't make it that far. Pardon me for saying so, but you're coming off as the worst sort of snob.Sorry but to me a bachelors degree is just slightly more prestigious than a high school diploma.What it really means is your parents had the money to send you to school but you didn't have the smarts or work ethic to go on and get a real degree.

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I also have the Military to thank, they repaid my loans in exchange for 3 years of Active Duty.

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