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Great expectations dating bbb

) In addition, despite my being told that all members "must" have photos and videos in their profiles, at least one-third of the profiles lacked one, the other, or both.

I called the GE office immediately to ask whether I was missing something or perhaps not using their database correctly.

They were formerly called "Great Expectations," but now they are called Club1.

It is the same company, and everything I stated in my report above applies to this company (now Club1).

She wouldn't give me a number, but kept saying "We have new people signing up every day." I told her that if they wanted me to spend the exhorbitant amount they were asking for membership (over 00 -- yes, you read that correctly), I needed to know that they had a large enough member base for it to be worth my money.

I was shocked to discover that there were only 20-25 members in this range -- and this includes the "inactive" members.

When I narrowed my search to ACTIVE members in this range, with no children, the number quickly shrank to 16 -- a far cry from the 150 I had been told. Even worse, when I did a search of 18-35 year old women who had signed up in the last 60 days, there were only four. (I had been told they averaged 20 new women per month in my age range!

After seeing several of Great Expectations' (GE) ads online and in newspapers, I searched for them online, found their website, and filled out a basic form with my contact information. Louis office phoned me the next day to arrange for me to come in for a "consultation." The woman was polite but gave me very little information over the phone, saying they preferred to do an in-person presentation.

I went to their office and was first shown a 15-minute video giving an overview of their service, after which I met with one of their employees to discuss the program.

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