Gridview not updating on postback Adult chat java app best

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When a webform module is submitted in Edit mode, the Gridview used in the module is disappeared.

For instance, the examples that accompany this article have a page containing two Grid View controls, with the second one containing details of the selected row of the first.An ajax() call will return just the requested data, which is exactly what we want. NET page to use j requires replacing the control handlers with client-side j Query functions and registering them to handle click events.It also involves adding server-side methods that the j Query functions call to get the required data for populating the ASP. We can use j Query to define a click handler for a button to replace the An asp: Button On Click handler, as shown below: The comment lines in the examples above show where you would add the ajax() calls to get the data from the server.The sample application for this article has a Full Postback page that demonstrates this.The size of the data transfer is shown in the Developer Tools section at the bottom of each image shown below.

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