Henry mercer dating old houses

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Henry mercer dating old houses

This effort proved abortive, however, when local Indians massacred the inhabitants in 1632.

Subsequent competition between the Dutch West India Company and the New Sweden Company beginning in the 1630s ended when Sweden abandoned its claims to the region in 1655, leaving behind in the Delaware River valley a few hundred Swedish and Finnish settlers.

The English first seized control of the Delaware River basin from the Dutch in 1664.

When the Dutch temporarily regained control of the region in 1673 they implemented a comprehensive administrative structure that divided the area into three jurisdictions and began granting patents to settlers.

Also present is a copy of "An Account of the Lands in Pennsylvania granted by William Penn, Esq.

and Chief Proprietary of Government of that Province to Several Purchasers within the Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland" and the 1759 transcripts of warrants granted by William Penn from 1683.

After William Penn received his charter from King Charles II in 1681, the district of Upland became Chester County, Whorekill (that had since become known as Deal) became Sussex County, Saint Jones became Kent County, and New Amstel became Newcastle County.

At this period, approximately two thousand Europeans were living along the Delaware Bay, half of whom were Swedes and Finns living along the western shore.

The 1759 transcript of Book A of patents from the jurisdiction of the Upland Court on the Delaware River received from Secretary Richard Peters by John Hughes on July 21, 1759.

The first indenture was a lease, or statement of intention to sell, and placed the land in the hands of the purchaser for a specified period of time, usually one year.

The second indenture, a release, dated the day after the lease, removed the land from the jurisdiction of the Crown and placed it under the jurisdiction of the proprietor.

Fifty descriptive surveys made by New York Surveyor General Walter Wharton of tracts located within the region stretching from present day New Castle County, Delaware into present day Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

These surveys were made in order to prepare patents to be issued by the governor of New York.

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Barkstead and the balance by Robert and William Shankland.

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