Hook up sites for older adults

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Hook up sites for older adults

Within the pages of this book young pirates can learn all kinds of facts about piracy.

Colorful double-page spreads cover a wide array of topics from famous pirates throughout history and around the world to how to be a scurvy dog and life aboard a pirate ship.

It covers the Barbary pirates, Cheng I Sao, a Great Lakes pirate, Somali piracy, and the current resurgence of piracy in Asian waters.

The final chapter (Pop Culture Pirates) explores pirate imagery in our daily lives and the evolution of piratical portrayals in books, movies, and television from 1713 to today.

It is a fair portrayal of factual and fictional piracy, and Kaplan makes a clear distinction between the noble, heroic, lovable, even comic pirate of fiction and the dangerous and sometimes bloodthirsty pirates throughout history.

The material is current and includes mention of recent news items and films, including Captain Phillips, as well as the forthcoming release in 2017 of the next installment of The Pirates of the Caribbean series.

The steep e-book price is actually a multi-user license intended for use in educational settings.

The book includes source notes, a glossary, a selected bibliography, a list of books, websites, and films where readers can go for further information, and an index.

This book is easy to read and the narrative flows from one section to the next.

It concludes with a brief discussion of how society romanticizes these criminals.

In addition to the narrative, the book is filled with captioned pictures (artistic portrayals of pirates, maps, and artifacts in B&W and color) and the piratical theme is carried through from the first page to last.

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The book is divided into an introduction (Of Fools and Freebooters) and four chapters.

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