How to stop dating a girl

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At the time, I knew I wasn’t ready to write about him. Two years had passed since our ‘incident’ and I didn’t have the emotional capacity to open up that can of worms. To this day, my best friend says, “Yo, I can’t front, he got you good.” And he did. I won’t give you his real name, so from this point on I’ll refer to him as Dexter (just like the sociopath from the TV series). White people know how to throw a damn good party and I love to attend them. He said, “What’s a pretty girl like you doing out by yourself? I pointed to my soror who was dancing with his friend and said, “I’m not alone.

Instead, I reduced him to a few sentences within the blog. In late 2013, a sorority sister and I went out to a bar for our usual Friday night of binge-drinking and white people watching. On this particular evening, we go to this hipster area in Charlotte, bar hopping and dancing the night away. I was standing at the bar watching white people, white people when Dexter took me by the hand and pulled me to the dance floor. My girl is over there with your boy.” Then some slow corny song came on and he tried to kiss me.

I wrote about my Maya Angelou funeral horror and even opened up about the scary decision to quit a job out of the blue.

I don’t even know where to begin, but my spirit says it’s time to release this past experience into the universe.

But hey, everyone has sketchy nights only mine never end with the birth of a human.Somewhere between him taking me by the hand and trying to kiss me, I gave Dexter my number.I looked down at his name on my phone answering with an uneasy: I didn’t know what to say to this man.That day I was running around chasing 40 small people when I received a call from Dexter.Clearly, I was a bit more inebriated the night before than I remembered.

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As we walked to our cars, we passed by an SUV with a man’s body hanging halfway out of the car. I looked at him with disgust and said, “Girl, he’ll be fine, let’s go.” The next day a good friend of mine was celebrating her birthday and I was super amped to go out that night.