Html code for validating password safety on line dating

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Html code for validating password

I think for anyone interested in doing a secure login pop over to the php forum and ask about setting up sha-256 or gnupg encryption for sending login information to a database. The OP provided a very very bad piece of code that nobody in their right mind would contemplate using.

It isn't exactly beginner stuff but definitely secure. This is not the thread to start providing new solutions ("login page using javascript") as they would be just as mad.

It checks whether the password and usernames are matching or not 3. If you think that "every people will realize things like that", you're so absolutely wrong.

8open that file and if the computer ask for script activation press ok. I was thinking a separate Java Script file where multiple users can be saved and stored with less risk. For low value, low risk applications, https might be skipped, but clientside login validation is as safe as taping your house key to the outside of your door.

We will using one easy function for password validation in this file Using custom JS we can apply own validation methods for custom elements.

Sud, the op is long gone, its three years old the code, was garbage then, is garbage now Clientside is not where login is managed, thats a server function every blog or cms includes user management, from wordpress up down and sideways, to custom written applications Could you imagine how quick that code would be to hack?

HTML5 specification bring us many interesting, and one of useful function is browser-based form validation.

And this is great, it can mean that shortly many of existed members of Firefox will update its browsers and will have HTML5 support. body .example form form fieldset form fieldset legend label label u input,select,textarea textarea form div form div fieldset form div fieldset legend form div label form div.optional label,label.optional form div img form div input.input File form div.submit form div.submit div form div.required fieldset legend,form div.required label,label.required form div select,form div textarea,form div input.input Text,form div input.input Password :valid :-moz-submit-invalid News: CSS3 UI represents us new pseudo-classes (uses in HTML5), as example :invalid, :valid, :required and : optional.

This stuff is useful only for a toy or studying how things work, and should never be actually used on a real web-page, and this should be clearly mentioned in the original post.

Where's the mention about that storing login-information in javascript is anything but secure?

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Also I've read a tutorial (which unfortunately I can't find anymore) where it was recommended to give the users hints and tips about their input, instead of giving them a big bold red warning.