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Irish women dating site

But most of all, you're paying for the the masterpiece of one of the finest whiskey makers in the world.

Try this: Enjoy this truly special spirit with a bold, soft Irish cow's milk cheese and some dried fruit. Price: (750 m L) Proof: 80 (40% ABV) It's more than just an upgrade from Bushmills Original.

Try this: Neat, with a splash of water, or over some rocks. Price: (750 m L) Proof: 80 (40% ABV) At just over 20 bucks a bottle, Cloantarf is easy drinking and easy on the wallet.

The Dublin-born pot- and column-stilled blend is perfect for cocktails, but also quite nice with a splash of water or a few rocks. Price: (750 m L) Proof: 80 (40% ABV) Though Kilbeggan has been around since 1757, the company launched in the States only last year.

The pot-stilled whiskey was named for a horse who won the Irish Derby at long odds in 1876.

(It was released under a different name in 1762.) Its relatively mellow bite and fruity, spicy profile make the Tyrconnel an ideal "introductory" whiskey if you're looking to dabble in single malts.

Pro tip: Cask-strength whiskeys are meant to have water added to them.

The whiskey offers rich vanilla and fruity notes and a woody finish. Price: (750 m L) Proof: 92 (46% ABV) Intended to emulate the original whiskey style that was produced at the John Powers Lane distillery—sold to Midleton about 50 years ago—this award-winning expression has an earthier style than most Irish whiskeys and a spicier palate that gives it distinction.A hundred years ago, Irish whiskey was the most popular spirit in Great Britain and the United States.When Ireland gained political independence from England, however, the Brits closed their doors to Irish whiskey exports. Photos: Bob Perina Location: Courtesy of Rollin' Greens Price: (750 m L) Proof: 80 (40% ABV) Launched in 1608, Bushmills hasn't changed its iconic, pot-stilled barley and grain recipe in more than 400 years.It probably has much to do with its massive ad campaigns (they outspent Guinness's advertising efforts by a multiple of five in the three weeks leading up to St. Marketing aside, Jameson remains wildly popular because it's as solid and versatile as Irish whiskeys come.Try it: Irish Coffee 1 tsp sugar (or to taste) 4 oz hot coffee 1-1/2 oz Jameson 2 oz heavy cream Start by placing sugar into a warm, clear, 8oz coffee glass.

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It draws its distinct smokiness from malted barley dried over peat fires, and it's the only "peated" Irish whiskey on the market.