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"Is she going to come to barbecues, do we all have to dress better?

"None of our friends were doing anything anyway," Blake says. Soon after their confidence-inspiring success at the Comedy Festival, they took over the Friday drive-time shift on RMIT's SYN-FM, which became their radio training ground. " attitude of a generation born with access to community broadcasting facilities, they started developing ideas for a television program.When Lee and his band Zoophyte performed at St Kilda's Veludo, Gale was there, not quite blending into the background with her 180 centimetres of Amazonian bronzed beauty."When I first heard about it, I wondered how she would fit into our whole friendship group," says Blake.Lee also performs in a band called Zoophyte with his brother Cameron and three friends.They have just recorded their second album and have performed everywhere from the Make Poverty History concert to the Apollo Bay Musical Festival and in little bars such as Veludo and Big Mouth in St Kilda.

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"We spent some time together at Derby Day," is how Lee puts it.