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The reality star began teasing the new KKW perfume earlier this week by sharing almost fully nude pictures of herself, followed by photos of her covered in clay.The hard part is now over, as she recently took to Snapchat to show off the completed look of her new product. The reality star is of Armenian, Scottish and Dutch descent, and has been described as everything from a stylist, model and apparel retailer to a socialite, actress, and television personality.

In Kanye West's recent release, "Theraflu," he admits to having feelings for Kim Kardashian while she was dating Kris Humphries, so this may not come as a suprise if it's true.But previous to her current caption that reads, "Train 🚊 Station in Kyoto 🇯🇵," the reality star accidentally spelled the city wrong, writing it as "Keyoto." Thankfully though, her sister's former beau, Tyga, hopped in her comment section to aide in her spelling mistake and said: "KYOTO*."Of course, this was an easy mistake for Tyga to spot since his albums latest title was so he's very familiar with the city as a whole and the proper way to spell it.Kim then edited her caption and spelled it correctly - crisis averted.Off top, Charlamagne tha God had to ask him about a tweet Ace Hood put out pertaining to DJ Khaled saying "If only everything you said on the Breakfast Club was the truth." and ultimately, what happened between them. So for me, I had to be able to live out my purpose fully.Ace Hood simply responded saying a conversation happened between the two before he elaborated on the fact that he was looking to do more with his career and his artistry."I kind of wanted to do my own thing, I kind of wanted to part ways. And i just couldn't do that necessarily under the umbrella."On top of talking about his departure from We The Best, he also talked about his new lifestyle decisions.

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