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Our hope is that readers may sense a keener acquaintance with the past and a better under- standing of the ideals, hopes, sacrifices and achievements of their forebears. During this period around 1900 to 1906, there lived north of Sycamore— when he wasn't away attending the University of Illinois College of Agriculture — -a young man who was deeply concerned with the decline of the rich black prairie soils in the county. Parke who, in later years, said that acres and acres of beautiful, blooming smart weeds first sounded the alarm to him. In September, 1915, foot and mouth dis- ease struck cattle and hogs in De Kalb County and the Soil Improvement Association was very active in halting the spread of this disease.All that the past has lavished upon the present generation should not be taken for granted. He knew where smart weeds thrived, crops would not. Cook, president of the Normal School at De Kalb; County Superintendent of Schools, W. Coultas; George Gurler, noted De- Kalb dairyman; Frank Greeley, Waterman farmer, and many others. On March 18, 1916, the executive com- mittee heard a report from Henry Parke and D. Brown who had attended a state meet- ing of county organizations, apparently the beginning of the Illinois Agricultural As- sociation.Six years after high school graduation she became Mrs. She attended Rockford College and was graduated from Northwestern University. A bond issue for 0,000 was approved by the voters December 18, 1928, to build a. Construc- tion started April 11, 1929, and was com- pleted January 8, 1930.For nine years she taught English in De Kalb High School. Davy took place at her brother's home in Hinsdale in 1912. John Wilson Davy ("Jack") died in 1942 at the age of 28. There are three grandchildren — Marilyn, Christine, and Jon Knight Davy. Army (1943-46) with the Education sub-commission of the Allied Com- mission in Rome, Italy. Froom had taught English and journalism at Monmouth High School and Thornton Township High School and Junior College. Richard Nisbet Dell La nan Elsa Larson Gladys Larson Doris Glidden Needier (Mrs. This plant is located on 16 acres of land adjacent to the Kish- waukee River at the foot of Hollister Street.She also prepared the photographs for the engraver. She secured her degree of Bachelor of Education from Illinois State Normal University. The writers tried to retain some of the essence of earlier volumes on De Kalb County history. The plant is directed by a Board of three trustees appointed by the County Judge. THE STORY OF AGRICULTURE Agriculture as a fact of life had its start in De Kalb County about 1835 when the Indians signed a treaty with the white man and moved on to other hunting grounds. Parke had been graduated from the Uni- versity of Illinois and had gone east to teach in a small college for two years, didn't like it, and came back to his beloved home county of De Kalb and resumed his work in trying to do something for agriculture. Eck- hardt at the University of Illinois, and hire him as the Agricultural Demonstrator for De Kalb County.

3 5° To avoid the semblance of a textbook, and to minimize expense, this book has few footnotes and no detailed bibliography.

This includes not only county citizens but also presidents of the United States and governors of Illinois to the time of publication. They wanted rolling land with wood available for buildings and fuel, and they wanted streams for water. The meeting was held at the De Kalb Elks Club on the second floor of the old Chronicle Building near First Street on East Lincoln Highway. Gurler, president of the De Kalb County Farmers' Institute, an exec- utive cpmmittee of 1 1 men was named to man- age funds and activities of the organization. Since he was teaching agron- omy and the courses covered crops and soils, this was naturally the first promotion of the new organization.

Another early book is The Voters and Taxpayers of De Kalb County, Illinois- 1876, (with De Kalb Business Directory). Gross Past and Present of De Kalb County, published in 1907, are the most pretentious. The prairies were covered by a sea of grass which the crude plows of the day found difficult to "break"; the land was low and poorly drained. Newspaper stories of the meeting written by Frank W. There had been ,000 pledged in advance for the new organization and it was decided that for each quarter section, 160 acres of land, would finance it. Demonstration meetings were held all over the county recommending standard four year crop rotation — corn, corn, oats, and clover.

63-21791 Printed in the United States of America Louis E. It can not possibly include the names and deeds of all the dedicated souls who, across the generations, have wrought faithfully to make their own locale and the rest of the world a finer place in which to live.

Any evidence of mis-statement of fact will be graciously acknowledged.

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vii vri 1 From Oxen to Jets Luella Custer Bybuth (Mrs. He has travelled widely in the United States and in Europe. In 1954 De Kalb residents approved of a bond issue of $1,042,000 to rebuild some facilities and expand the plant. Within ten years, those miraculous gen- iuses — the corn breeders— revolutionized the yellow kernels more than they had been improved in previous centuries. On January 20, 1912, this executive com- mittee acted with dispatch.

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