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Interestingly, conservative evangelical World magazine published an article last year about how Harris has messed up the dating scene for evangelical youth.

As they explained in an article last year, many evangelical young people today are afraid to date.

I resolved never to give someone reason to send me changing, and was careful to cover up any sign of sexuality. As a result, I suppressed every sexual thought I had, and I got pretty good at it.Be ready to resent him for it, and also to resent those sluts who set your husband up for this by their appearance.” And resent I did.He, in turn, felt that I was being unreasonable and that no matter how hard he tried to show me it I couldn’t see that he was head over heels in love with me.This meant that when we were walking down the street in the summer I would watch his face as well as the people in front of us, looking to see if his eyes lingered on some woman’s legs, breasts, or ass.Any time we passed an attractive woman I would pounce, asking if he had looked at her, or if his mind had lingered on her.

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