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Nothing nearer than 6 feet can be focused without using the Portrait Attachment. Automatic Locking Device The automatic locking device which is on the right side of camera bed will be found a great convenience in focusing. Everything beyond 100 feet is in the 100 feet focus.

Butkus, 29 Lake Ave., High Bridge, NJ 08829-1701 and send your e-mail address so I can thank you. Velox Transparent Water Color Stamp Outfit NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY The outfit consists of an Artist's Mixing Palette, three special Camel's Hair Brushes, and one book of Velox Transparent Water Color Stamps ( 12 Colors). IMPORTANT When Autographing film, bear down with the stylus as heavily as the paper will stand without tearing. It will be noticed that the top of the finder is notched as shown in Fig. This is done so that one finder will correctly show the view included when the Kodak is held in either horizontal or vertical position. 3A Autographic Kodak is oblong it will readily be seen that unless the finder was made in this manner it could not correctly show the exact view intended when held in either position. VI shows how to hold the camera when making an exposure without the use of the cable release.

The slot is provided with an automatic safety spring border which operates when the door is open to press the papers into contact with back of the film, thus securing the sharp printing of the image of the writing and preventing the diffusion of light around the edges of the slot. .30 Combined Toning and Fixing Solution for Solio, per 8-oz.

This slot is located so that normally the writing comes between the exposures. 8, which, by the way, can be easily abbreviated to: B. By keeping such records the amateur can quickly find the cause of failure, if any.

42 PART I Loading with Film THE film for the No 3A Autographic l. Then insert ground glass panel for focusing, being sure that side marked front faces the lens.

(The face is the dull side.) Brush gently over the face of the plate with a camel's hair brush to remove dust. (See page 4.) NOTE - There must, of course, be no film in the Kodak when opening it for use with plates. Remove the back of the adapter by pressing down on the inside spring catch and sliding same out.

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For general street work the focus may be kept at 25 feet, but where the nearer or farther away, the focus should be changed accordingly.

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