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Consequently, the shareholders take the property at full fair market value basis.Any capital gain or loss recognized by the corporation flows through to the shareholders, increasing or decreasing their basis in the corporate stock.Unless the corporation is liquidated on the same day, it will have a short S and C years.

The exception to the immediate recognition of the recapture amount is when the taxpayer can establish that the disposition of property by the corporation was not done for tax avoidance.

As the corporation continues to accumulate assets, and continues to depreciate assets, the eventual tax on the liquidation of the corporation continues to grow.

The shareholder may thus want to liquidate the corporation earlier, when the tax on the liquidation is relatively small.

First, S corporations are not required to immediately recognize gain on the distribution of an installment obligations, unlike C corporations, if the shareholder is entitled to report his or her stock gain under the installment method of Code Section 453(h).

This means that because of the application of Code Section 453(h) the receipt of the installment obligation by shareholders in a liquidation is not treated as payment for stock.

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This does not confer on the creditor any management or voting rights, but simply diverts the debtor-member’s distributions and allocations to the creditor.

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