Liquidating merchandise

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A company spokeswoman said Riesbeck was not available for an interview.

The liquidation process means HHGregg customers only have a few weeks left to use gift cards and return previously purchased items.

"And that's how HHGregg was built through the years.

Once it went to flat panels, and all of a sudden people realized they could put them in the backseat of their car, delivery's not that important anymore." Riesbeck attempted to divert HHGregg's focus from electronics to Fine Lines, an upscale store-within-a-store that sells appliances.

The company was founded by Henry Harold Gregg and his wife, Fansy. But, like other big-box stores, HHGregg struggled to adapt to the e-commerce age.

He described in an August interview how constantly changing technology has disrupted the company's business model.

"One thing HHGregg used to make their money on was those big-box TVs people had to have delivered," Riesbeck said.

Bob and Anna Marie offer the best of both marketing and selling worlds! We will sell all the signs and cast-iron banks, most are modern.

They offer real estate by the auction method of selling and buying and real estate offered by the traditional listing method.

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This gives our sellers the opportunity to experience the Auction Advantage of Walnut Harvest Auctions, LLC when selling their items.

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