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These profiles state that he is widowed and living in Roanoke, VA, but offer little information otherwise.

On one profile, in which he spells his name Jeffrey Curtiss, he states:“I'm not a aggressive person, i'm very cool headed and easy going. YES and all the time”There is no Jeffrey Curtis Diesel Engines in Roanoke, VA.

It is next to impossible to get money back from people who may be misrepresenting themselves once it has been sent through a wire transfer service. Many catfishing cases involve female victims, but men are also targeted in these schemes.

Because women are the stereotypical victim in catfishing attacks, men may be more susceptible to a scam they don’t think can happen to them. Avoid putting too much personal information on your dating or social media profiles, such as home address, work information or phone number.

In a scam known as ‘Catfishing’ a man pretending to live in Roanoke, VA is using a false identity on and tricking legitimate users out of thousands of dollars.

Our program has a Consulting Committee composed of representatives from local government, court system and human services agencies and organizations.

I'm looking for a woman to give all the love of my life, someone i can see my happiness on her face, someone we can both grow old together, someone i can always assure i will be the best she ever had... The “company’s” website, jcurtisdieselengines.com, was created in April of this year and lists a Roanoke, VA address.

It will only be a matter of time, i know she will come my way, i just have to keep finding out. The address belongs to an entirely unrelated company that has no knowledge or connection to Jeffrey Curtis or Jeffrey Curtis Diesel Engines.

Among these complaints are allegations that did not remove profiles that were flagged as scams by users.

Both victims of Jeffrey Curtis told BBB that they reported his profile to the company, but as of September 30, 2016 his profile remains active.

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