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I know from personal experience a lot of people really think its goulish.I wish we could get some store chain to focus on unidentified persons like Wal Mart does missing persons.However, unless we’re living together, our apartment should be our apartment – and we should have our apartment arranged however we like.Don’t make your demands easy, but, at the very least, make them attainable.My favorite subject is science, and I think genetics are really interesting.

Other: DNA not available--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Case History On December 20, 1976, the dismembered remains of the victim were found in three suitcases along the Lehigh River in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, under a bridge of westbound Interstate Route 80.

Don't get annoyed at us for asking why a call was made; blame the NFL for having a seemingly never-ending and constantly changing list of rules.

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From what I understand Racine is working with crime lab in Little Rock, Arkansas to see if Christina's dna is uploaded there.

If this turns out to be a "not a match" situation I will start passing her info out to the true crime blogs and other sites to see if that helps.

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We look at things a little different than "normal" people do.