Manado dating

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Manado dating

Manado is predominantly Christian, with Protestant being the majority and a sizeable number of Catholic, Adventist, Pentecostals, and other Christian denominations. Not in the western way of thinking, even far from the standards of Jakarta, but still well to do.In fact, Manado is definitively the city of Indonesia with the most churches per inhabitants and would certainly rank in the top ten on a world chart. The fortunes come from the old coconut, vanilla and clove plantations.Nicer neighborhoods are up in the hills, where the politicians and government officials live.Most of the middle and upper class Manadonese have relatives in the villages near the plantations.The only difference with the local Chinese community is that in Manado there are not many racial tensions. Multiracial families (Chinese and Manadonese) are quite common.Manado has a good mix of ethnic groups from Eastern Indonesia. No one knows when friends can become more special and where that's leads to in future. A new country, new career, new hopes, dreams, obstacles to overcome...

But they are also an easy-going, emotional, sympathetic, and happy people.

More important to the locals is that coconut oil, rice, fish and chili peppers are not expensive, but are easy to find and buy.

As soon as a little money is in the pocket of most Manadonese, you can be sure that the money will run out in one day.

The plantation-based relatives hold most of the family wealth and all Manadonese, from time to time, have to visit their relative's village for money refueling.

The expatriate community in Manado is not big, perhaps only 50-60 persons; but occasionally you will meet a an expat who has lived in Manado for years.

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Additional influence comes from the not-far-away Philippines.