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Mizushima hiro dating

part of that was because he looked really similar to one Lithuanian guy that I used to know =D I used to love Oguri Shun, and I still love him, but currently I am watching Zettai Kareshi and for some reason Hiro has won me over ^^ and I still call him Nanba, because at first I didn't know his real name, only as Nanba-senpai [from Hana Kimi], and I just keep calling him like that =D I just forced myself to call him Hiro in this msg =D so..

I'm new here, mina hajime mashitte ^^ oh, one friend sent me some pics from one photoshoot, and I thought that the guy was Matsumoto.

i read somewhere that his hair colour is already back to black for his new drama with Suzuki Anne..

and he's relieved coz he doesn't like the orange colour too x D~ and i think he needs a haircut..

and Translation to unleashthegeek really like him as Nanba-senpai in Hana Kimi. Accordiing to Yahoo Japan, Mizushima Hiro (24) and singer AYAKA (21) who started dating from past June and together for 8 months now, are planning to get married.

He's so funny like the other guys, but carries the 'dorm leader' aura (LOL) around him.. They are reportedly registering marriage on his 25th b-day, the 13th.

Then they came out and under the umbrella again, they drew closer and with their right hands held tightly, entered a taxi and alighted later at a luxurious tower apartment. Ayaka sang Okaeri, the theme song for the drama Mizushima starred in last spring, Fuji TV's Zettai Kareshi ~Kanzenmuketsu no Koibito Roboto~ Ken-On stated, "The agency has no comments on the matter. Absolute BF i didnt like so much cuz he was kinda wierd. his new drama mei's butler i am lookin forward too. I'm brand new and as a welcoming gift to you all (cuz I am a huge fan of Hiro as well) I thought I would post up a wallpaper on here. He looks really good in Mei-chan no Shitsuji too *hyperventilate- but I'm dying to see drop, it looks soooo goooood.

However, both are already adults..." It looks like they entrust the private matters of the 2 of them to themselves. he has a new movie where he is a gang leader too right? It's not that great since its been about almost 6 months since ive done any graphics work and i'm a tad rusty, but I want to make some more since the net is severely lacking Mizushima Hiro wallies. And I think I'm the only person on the earth who likes him with blonde hair.

They will be registering their marriage on 13 April which is Mizushima's 25th birthday.

just a little bit of coz ^^ thank you beep2x for the updates!!

im greatly relieved that Hiro's back to his black hairdo.. LOL, even himself doesn't like the blonde hairdo..olgranny44, Hiro's upcoming drama is entitled "Room Of King" together with Suzuki Anne hey there, I was looking for info about Hiro in the web and I accidentally found this topic and I made an account mainly for this topic lolz =D at first I saw Hiro in Hana Kimi, I liked him there.

I tried to put some pics but for some reason it didn't work Some people say he resembles a bit of Matsujun, at first I did feel the same way, and actually thought they might be brothers or something!

But after a while, the resemblance just seems to disappear and you notice that they don't look anything alike at all..least, that was how it was for me, and Hiro is MUCH more good-looking! I'm looking forward to watching his other works...

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Well, there was talk of them being an item last year but I think they didn't admit that they were dating.

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