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Ringer, according to his Linked In profile, co-founded an analytics service company in September 2011.When I called him, he acknowledged the sale of Mojo, saying only that “it was a private transaction.”Hahr, who is originally from Wisconsin, wrote that he has a degree in psychology and worked in finance before becoming a self-employed Internet marketer seven or eight years ago.

They made plans to operate the site as a fee-based dating site.)Since 2010, not much has happened, to my knowledge. Burke, who now works for the local Internet marketing firm Oohology, didn’t return my calls.Long before Facebook, long before, there was Mojo – a local site for geeks and well, some would say, the dark underbelly of the ‘Net, where the anything-goes atmosphere prompted the founders to start hosting social events, like bowling parties.Dozens of couples met, and later married, through the site.They sat and talked on the sand and watched the waves crash."The insider also adds that the couple "held hands and kissed a lot.""They walked into a little cove and stood there together leaning up against each other talking and laughing," the source continues."Their clothes got a little bit wet, but they didn't seem to mind.

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I have not done any of the typical friend zone or wussy behaviors but I also haven't flirted bc I just did not approach her as a potential mate. I was thinking about telling her something along the lines of "i had this rule that I never date co-workers, but all rules have an exception." Or maybe I should just ask her out for drinks and escalate casually.