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Mongolian chat

Their songs mostly stressed on social issues, philosophy and rebellious ideas. They continued with similar messages as their predecessors, but also came to include “soft” touches in their songs, which faced with strong resistance from hard core rap fans but welcomed by the general public.A later generation consisted of bands like Dain Ba Enkh, 2 Khüü, Erkh-Chölöö, Lumino, Mon-Ta-Rap, Ice Top, Odko, Gee, Quiza, B. There is also a long established and distinctive "Mongolian pop" genre that occupies the same place on the musical spectrum as Japanese Enka music or Western soft-pop-oriented folk music or country music.Often, the lines of a zohioliin duu share not only initial letters, but also initial syllables.Mongolia features a rich tradition of classical music and ballet.A few of the younger Mongolian popular artists are becoming increasingly well established internationally, mostly notably, the young female singer Nominjin (singing in 8 languages in a variety of genres) and Amarkhuu Borkhuu, a star of the Russian pop music.Hip hop/Rap has gained considerable popularity in Mongolia.Eastern Mongols typically use a morin khuur (horse-head fiddle) as accompaniment, sometimes with a type of indigenous flute named limbe.Oirat groups of the Western Mongols typically sing long songs unaccompanied or accompanied with the igil.

Actually, this is a mixture of various kinds of popular music.

The horse-head fiddle, or morin khuur, is a distinctively Mongolian instrument and is seen as a symbol of the country. There is some controversy regarding the traditional carving of a horse on the upper end of the pegbox.

Some scholars believe that this is proof that the instrument was originally a shamanistic instrument.

From the early 1990s, Mongolian teenagers and youngsters formed dancing groups with anywhere between three and thirty members that started to compete in national tournaments.

This was the beginning of the Mongolian hip hop movement.

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A typical zohioliin duu may include three four-line stanzas and a refrain.

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