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“If the Queen can visit the victims in hospital, so can the star they paid to see," he tweeted furiously, days after the Manchester bombing when Grande, clearly traumatised, had returned to her home in Florida to be with family.

"I expected her to stay, visit & comfort her wounded fans & relatives of those who died,” he added.

Freeman's rep tells us the actor remained silent for years because he didn't want to "dignify these stories by commenting" ...

but now he feels compelled to speak out after the reports were picked up by various "mainstream media" outlets.

Concertgoers were visibly tired and emotional from the harrowing events at Manchester Arena not two weeks before, but the smiles emanating from the crowd seemed to indicate that, for many, this mega, star-studded singalong was exactly what they needed.

She’s a sparkling presence on Twitter where she insists on keeping control of her own accounts - and you only have to listen to the music she puts out to understand that she’s a clever and forthright woman (with an amazing ear for a banger).

She didn’t need to prove anything to anyone last night but she gave us everything she had.

He has also appeared in the television series Doc Martin and Casualty and co-starred in Mansfield Park alongside Billie Piper.

In 2010 he played the title role in the mini-series "Ben Hur" which first aired on CBC television in Canada and ABC TV in America, on 4 April 2010.

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