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The lawyer gives the Defendant copies of the documents that relate to the lawsuit, and the client describes all relevant documents he or she once had or had access to.Review of the law Once the lawyer has a good idea of all the facts, the lawyer reviews the law.The lawyer then gives the client his or her legal opinion about what the likely outcome of a trial would be.Negotiation and settlement When it is appropriate, the lawyer talks with the Defendant's lawyers to see if they will settle the claim.Families, households and marital status: Key results from the 2016 Census

A lawsuit can take up to two years or longer to settle or go to trial.Starting the lawsuit The lawyer begins the lawsuit by preparing the necessary Court documents and filing them in Court.The Court date-stamps all copies of the documents, keeping one copy for their record.A settlement is an agreement between the parties to a lawsuit which sets out how they will resolve the claim. Preparation for trial The lawyer prepares the case for trial, including getting all the necessary documents together, arranging for witnesses to attend, and preparing any legal opinions.Trial The lawyer acts for his or her client at the trial.

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