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First, the contact link in the global navigation does not take you to a contact page, rather it uses the “mailto:” function which for me breaks the experience.I believe the better choice would have been a contact page with a simple form for users to fill out.I love photography on websites, however in the responsive world they can end up looking distorted and pixelated at certain orientations; flat colour and vectors seamlessly melt between devices.

I’m searching for my Mona Lisa who I’m sure is waiting out there in The Starry Night looking for me as I am for her.“I am Jackson from Australia.

Obviously, taking pictures is my forte as well as my bread and butter. Photography and friends are the 2 dearest things to me, and I want to add a life partner to that to make it a tierce.

I am laid back and fun loving guy, and hanging out with my friends and partying out late is my favorite pastime!

Being a mother does not stop me from having fun and enjoying life. I am looking for a dating partner who is creative like me andwho is definitely honest.”Judy’s the name and baking’s my claim to fame. They say that cooking is a lot like chemistry, and that is exactly what I am looking for. As Harriet Van Horne puts it, “Cooking is like making love, you do it well, or you do not do it all.” I am hoping to complete the recipe of my perfect life with the best ingredients out there – love, happiness, sincerity, commitment and a hell lot of fun!

I can describe myself to you as loving, caring, trustworthy and super fund.

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A mature, caring man who isn’t intimidated by a strong, intelligent, independent woman would be an appropriate Romeo to this Juliet. And of course, my little princess deserves a guy in her life who not only looks out for her mother, but is fun, easygoing and loving at the same time! I’m a professional photographer and I love to capture beauty with a creative eye. Words could never match the sheer beauty out there, all ready and waiting to be photographed.

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  1. I want someone I can grow to love and someday have kids with him I love children and I will like to be with children. Hello to all, I am searching for a long lasting relationship,a soulmate who is of age ready to settle down with me as his wife and the mother of his kids.

  2. If you want to engage in edgy, delicious roleplaying with willing participants either in private or in the main, please always be aware to not break the law.