Polyamorous dating rules

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It could be indicative of deeper underlying issues with your family, current partner, or potential new partner. I know this will be an issue when I enter relationships, so I try to be upfront about it.

It also might just be a situation where two perfectly lovely people don’t get along for no particular reason. I try to let my partners know when they need to let me cool down (or feed me).

Here are a few tips, guidelines, and things to consider for people just starting out in the polyamorous world.

Partly because it’s outside of our cultural norm, and partly because it involves coordinating the needs and preferences of so many people, being happily polyamorous pretty much requires the ability to reflect on what you want and communicate it with your partners.

We know that working on relationships can take up a great deal of time and energy.

Or maybe you’re still thinking about it, but don’t have a clear sense of where you’d even begin.This is because I had never seen relationships like mine represented in the media.On top of being polyamorous, I am also queer – and relationships between queer people are also really underrepresented in the media.Whether you’re starting out solo or opening up an existing relationship, these are some questions that will be very helpful to ponder at the beginning of your polyam journey.What great things are you expecting polyamory to bring to your life? Someone to go with you to movies that your partner hates? There are lots of good reasons to get into polyamory, and making it clear to yourself which things are most important to you will help guide your decisions.

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