Ps3 reboots when updating netflix

Posted by / 04-Oct-2017 03:41

Ps3 reboots when updating netflix

For example the pc desktop version, the apple TV version, the android smartphone/tablet version ALL have the ability to do genre search.

They ALL have acessible menu settings that can be accessed at any time within the app.

I saw same questions raised by so many people but samsung doesn't seem to care and I believe it won't take much to solve those issues.

I had high expectations on samsung products but with this the credibility went to base.

We had previously set up our Netflix account and have used it in the past off and on.

I searched for the name of the person on the Internet and believe he resides in California while I'm in Florida.

The keyboard is just too much also having to click the button 10 times to go to the next letter is too much. So, I turned on my [email protected] tonight only to have the annoying "[email protected] is updating" and the only choice you have is to press OK. Usually, its just that Explore 3D getting deleted or added back (is there a way *NOT* to have that app? A square box of letters lets someone use arrows buttons on a remote without having to press an arrow more than 5-6 times between any two letters, and averages much less.

Starting with the unexpected freezes that i get when trying to watch another episode of the same show. Why can't I add apps to my Samsung devices through the website? The Neflix app refused to load after having worked beautifully for several weeks.Because it is so slow to navigate between apps in smart hub, sluggish to load apps, no QWERTy key board support for major apps like YOUTUBE and NETFLIX. I am very disappointed to see samsung using/allowing rudimentary technology into their great TVs.I can't believe I had to use arrows to get to a letter while searching in youtube and netflix because non QWERTY technology like having letters on number buttons need only few clicks to get to the letter but with arrows they made user input so difficult that you will lose interest in watching TV.Verbose logging makes things much more difficult in the majority of cases.So I'm currently on the free trial, and have been enjoying the streaming movies on my PS3.

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This is frustrating and not a selling argument for Samsung's Tizen strategy.