Recording consolidating adjustments

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(Take care to prevent a feedback loop by either using a second USB audio device, or muting the encoder’s monitor output if possible.) For specific audio routing and recording tools, see the answer under Audio Output / Recording.

But here’s some workflow ideas on how you can use Mega Seg to produce a podcast or prerecorded radio show.

You might then install the mac OS upgrade on an external drive to test it out before you upgrade your Mac’s main drive.

Thousands of DJ’s and radio stations use Mega Seg worldwide without fail.You can use Mega Seg to generate a small playlist and scheduling files that reference larger media for live mixing, or record the final mix into a single audio file such as for an hour long podcast or show.There are many possible ways to go about producing a prerecorded show, and several hybrid variations.In the meantime, the workaround that facilitates limited playback support should be sufficient for most people.See more info if you need to downgrade mac OS and/or i Tunes.

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