Relative dating of sedimentary rocks

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Relative dating of sedimentary rocks

When burial pressures and temperatures get too great, the rocks melt completely, becoming new igneous rocks.To fully understand Gentry's hypothesis a basic background in geology, mineralogy, and radiation physics is helpful.Both types of igneous rocks comprise a mixture of different minerals.As igneous rocks cool, mineral crystals form following a specific sequence.Granite is a well-known type of plutonic igneous rock, but there are many others as well.Geologists distinguish these types of rock based on their chemical and mineralogical composition.

For over thirteen years he held a research associate's position at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he was part of a team which investigated ways to immobilize nuclear waste.

s the creation/evolution debate continues, there has been an increasing sophistication of certain Creationist arguments and publications.

It can be an especially difficult challenge when the Creationist author has professional credentials and has published in mainstream scientific journals.

Discoloration haloes in younger rocks tend to be smaller and less intense than in older rocks, indicating that the zone of crystal damage increases with time.

From these observations early attempts were made to use the dimensions of haloes as an age dating technique.

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