Role play ideas for hot chat

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Role play ideas for hot chat

'For and Against' debates can be used and the class can be split into those who are expressing views in favour and those who are against the theme.

Imaginary situations - Functional language for a multitude of scenarios can be activated and practised through role-play.

It may be hard for students who have little opportunity to travel to imagine they are in 'Ye Olde Tea Shop' in the heart of the English countryside.

However, it may be within their schema to imagine they have been asked to help an English speaker who is visiting their own country.

Realia and props can really bring a role-play to life.

A group of my young learners recently played the roles of pizza chef and customer.

It is rarely appropriate for the teacher to jump in and correct every mistake. Some students do like to be corrected straight after a role-play activity, while the language is still fresh in their minds.

Sentences with errors can be written on the board for the group to correct together.

In addition to these reasons, students who will at some point travel to an English-speaking country are given a chance to rehearse their English in a safe environment.If you are working with young children, try to exploit their natural ability to 'play'.They are used to acting out a visit to the shops or preparing food, as that is how they play with their friends.Students may need the extra support of having the language on the board.I recently did a 'lost property office' role-play with elementary adults and we spent time beforehand drilling the structures the students would need to use.

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If the teacher believes that the activity will work and the necessary support is provided, it can be very successful.