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Rori sex

You only meet the guy you are with once but your relationship with has the possibility of lasting for much longer than that one moment in time.

So once we achieve the attention, interest and commitment of the opposite sex, how do we keep it? Rori Raye has decades of experience in managing a successful relationship of her own plus she manages her own practice where she counsels women like you in how to get the most out of their relationships.

My husband and I have been married for 7 1/2 years. Read More,,, ) How can you get the most pleasure, the most enjoyment, the most learning, the deepest intimacy, the most help for the forward moving of your relationship – out of the experience of sex? Read More,,, Sex is such an important thing – not because it’s so crucial to be having sex for sex’s sake (though it makes us healthier in so many ways…) but because it’s such a serious barometer for the health and intimacy level of a relationship.

It says so much about the physical and emotional status of… You open up, baby step by baby step – and see what he does.

Read More,,, Here’s a horror story from “Soon-To-Be-Broken-Heart” – and it’s actually something that men do all the time when they don’t want to be in a relationship or can’t be.

We’re always shocked by this move of withdrawing sex – but many, many men do it this way… Read More,,, This is such a great speech by Esther Perel – I just bought her book.

If you’re already in a relationship, even relationships that seem like they are finished can be brought back to life stronger than they were before using the same tools.Here’s a great letter about sex from Anna: “Dear Sirens (and Rori, of course) – reading this great post, I feel I finally need to ask for help!I’ve been thinking about this thing over and over in my mind, I’ve discussed and analyzed it with my friends again and again, but some experienced advice…At first glance, you think she’s going to talk about “games and strategies” to create mystery and distance in a relationship, and tell us all not to be close, intimate, friendly or cuddly with our men…then, as you read,…Read More,,, Here’s a letter from Beth with my answer – and it’s all around sex and how sex works in our brains, our hearts – and how it can illuminate our lives or shut us down…

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In this case, you don’t have to take for granted that what Rori is offering works; she already has the proof in her 20 plus year marriage.