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Huge weekend for Kirk Cousins (besides that whole playoff loss thing) ... the team asked Cousins if they could print the phrase on towels for fans to wave in the stadium during Sunday's game.'cause the Washington Redskins QB helped raise nearly k for charity ... He agreed with one condition -- put my charity's logo on it. says a local wealthy couple has agreed to MATCH the number! About another 10 minutes passed and he had won approximately ,000. At Hakkasan, a popular club in Las Vegas, Gorodetsky beamed as he walked in and pointed at a big video screen on the wall.“Welcome Back Big Rob,’’ it read.He was supposed to be watching in Las Vegas, but it’s futile to put odds on Gorodetsky’s plans.He explained he had no choice but to stay in the Los Angeles area after flying in to play in Sterling’s Friday night poker game.“I can’t lose here,’’ he said, and he produced a betting ticket showing that the night before he’d won ,000 on the USC football game.He also said he’d won another ,000 on the Clippers game that same day, during which he sat courtside with the type of attention-getting model he routinely parades to sports events. 5, inside that Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, the blond model he met the day before watched Gorodetsky watch the games on which he bet — ,000 on the Dallas Cowboys over the Kansas Chiefs, ,000 on the San Francisco 49ers over the Arizona Cardinals and ,000 on the Seattle Seahawks over the Washington Redskins.The rigged emails are used by someone either the dating site or romance scammers to dupe us into believing they are legitimate women.

Also take no these were just a few of the profiles and if we wanted to list all of the phony profiles they would take us all day.

To join a dating site and start getting so many emails from hot looking girls is a massive red flag that something is not up on the up-and-up. (Screenshot of the pretend email messages we received.) We touched on the subject of phony profiles being used on Unfortunately we tried to find the terms and conditions page which many times will reveal that a dating site is creating fake profiles but we can't find any terms and conditions page or privacy policy or even any way to contact the website.

But I really didn't matter because we found what we were looking for using reverse image software that helps us to identify if profile photos are being copied or taken from other sites.

We registered on the site to see if the site was real or not, any findings and evidence we find of wrongdoing will be discussed below in the investigation.

From what we can tell about SP Date it's completely free to use.

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FYI, Cousins' cause is the International Justice Mission -- a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world. thanks to the exposure on the towels, IJM raked in close to $30k in donations from fans on Sunday ... In total, the group raised $59,442 over the weekend ...

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