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Seth rogen and elizabeth banks dating

Every day she’d come on the set, I’d be like, “Is that Elizabeth? The critic who reviewed Stone’s movie said, “Banks is so likable here that I found myself silently urging her character, ‘Run! '”(I still feel like that every time I see the real Laura Bush.)I’ve always liked Elizabeth Banks, and shockingly enough, she doesn’t fool me when she changes clothes or whatever. I do hope these two fall movies propel her to superstardom. Lack of lesbonics aside, Oliver Stone said of Banks: She amazed me because I never recognized her. Her infamy lies not so much in her gayness, but in her propensity for on-set drama.

Kevin Smith, now thirty-eight, is the potty-mouthed boy from New Jersey who established himself as an apostate with “Dogma” (1999) and as a chronicler of the underemployed with such comedies as “Clerks” (1994), “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” (2001), and “Clerks II” (2006).Porn, of course, depends on a parasitic relationship with the rest of the culture, high and low, and it is often close to spoof to begin with.(While taking a class on Melville forty years ago, I was disconcerted to see the title “Thar She Blows” on a local theatre marquee.) In Smith’s movie, the characters compete to come up with a title for their movie based on that of a regular feature film—“American Booty” and “Lawrence of A’Labia” are about as good as it gets—and there is a brief fantasia in which actors dress up as characters from “Star Whores,” but it’s more a costume party than an orgy.To complete the cast, they hold auditions, gathering together a ragtag group of friends and strangers, along with a couple of babes in thongs from a local strip club.(Smith recruited the adult-movie pros Katie Morgan and Traci Lords for the job.) Then they start shooting, befouling Zack’s coffee shop after it closes its doors for the night.

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