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Any person required to register, other than a person who has been convicted of any (i) sexually violent offense, (ii) two or more offenses for which registration is required, (iii) a violation of former § 18.2-67.2:1, or (iv) murder, may petition the circuit court in which he was convicted or the circuit court in the jurisdiction where he then resides for removal of his name and all identifying information from the Registry.

A petition may not be filed earlier than 15 years, or 25 years for violations of § 18.2-64.1, subsection C of § 18.2-374.1:1, or subsection C, D, or E of § 18.2-374.3, after the date of initial registration nor earlier than 15 years, or 25 years for violations of § 18.2-64.1, subsection C of § 18.2-374.1:1, or subsection C, D, or E of § 18.2-374.3, from the date of his last conviction for (a) a violation of § 18.2-472.1 or (b) any felony.

Every person convicted on or after July 1, 1994, of an offense set forth in § 9.1-902 shall register and re-register as required by this chapter.

Fingerprints and a photograph of a type and kind specified by the State Police, DOB, SSN, complete physical address, place of employment and a description of the offense or offenses for which he was convicted, electronic mail address information, any instant message, chat or other Internet communication name or identity information that the person uses or intends to.

Almost a year later, in a Black Hawk County courtroom, Judge Bradley Harris peered down at Rhoades from his bench.

“One thing that makes this case difficult is you don’t look like our usual criminals,” Harris said. But you created a situation that was just as dangerous as anyone who did that.” The judge meted out Rhoades’ sentence: 25 years in prison.

Section 9.1-914 authorizes the Central Criminal Records Exchange (CCRE) of the Virginia Department of State Police to electronically or mail to notify an individual conducting *Child Day Care or Child-Minding Services, elementary, secondary, public, parochial and denominational schools, STATE REGULATED or LICENSED child care institution, child day center, child day program, foster home or group home of the registration of a sex offender residing within the same or contiguous zip code as the entitled organization or entity.

Also, any person may request from the State Police and, upon compliance with the requirements therefore established by the State Police, shall be eligible to receive from the State Police electronic notice of the registration or re-registration of any sex offender, within three days of receipt.

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