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Ofir Arkin is the CTO of Insightix ( leading the development of the next generation of IT infrastructure discovery, monitoring and network access control systems for enterprise networks.He holds more then 10 years of experience in data security research and management.One day the speaker was approached (in a subway, of course) by a top-notch dude (who has his own posse) and asked how they work.Clearly not even the best of the best always know everything.atlas won the individual contest in 2005 and lead the winning team "[email protected]" in 2006.atlas has written the WEP-cracking tool bssid-flatten, the @Utility-Belt (toolkit for hacking and exploitation), and his favorite tool, disass.A Agent X Iftach Ian Amit Ofir Arkin atlas B Kevin Bankston Andrea Barisani John Benson Peter Berghammer Daniele Bianco Sean M.Bodmer Sam Bowne Sergey Bratus Taylor Brinton David Byrne C D. Capelis Jim Christy Patrick Chung Anton Chuvakin Maria Cirino Robert W.

He eventually found that system and security administration are the only effective way to express his need for paranoia.

Outside the community he has been a security consultant for Italian firms and he's now the co-founder and Chief Security Engineer of Inverse Path Ltd.

Daniele Bianco is a system administrator and IT consultant.

Bill Punch Q Danny Quist R Aviv Raff Vivek Ramachandran Renderman Keith Rhodes Matt Richard Billy Rios Ian Robertson Martyn Ruks S Tony Sager Oskar Sandberg Michael Schearer Bruce Schneier Michael Schrenk Ari Schwartz Jason Scott Dror Shalev Zed A. Smith Window Snyder Julian Spillane Squidly1 Alex Stamos Robert Stoudt Tom Stracener Subere Sysmin T Tatsumori Richard Thieme Thorn theprez98 Marc Weber Tobias Steve Topletz Schuyler Towne V Valsmith Randal Vaughn Paul Vixie Mario Vuksan W Linton Wells Jacob West Thomas Wilhelm Christian Wirth Y Dov Yoran Z Paul Sebastian Ziegler Matt Zimmerman Philip R. What issues and projects keep Agent X from getting a good night's sleep?

This turbo-rant will present 22 things that make the night seem long and morning far off. Issues with the hacker scene, issues with the way the world works.

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He's been involved with Defcon since 1998 is now Head Speaker goon.

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