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Sex dating in elmer minnesota

Many of the most famous serial killers (e.g., Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrew Cunanan, John Wayne Gacy, etc.) were homosexuals, but they became widely known due to the nature of their crimes or the identities of their victims, not because they in any way represent serial killers generally.

Given that less than 2% of adults are homosexuals (plus 1 to 2% who are bisexual), there would not need to be very many homosexuals among the total number of serial killers for them to be over-represented.

According to some sources, whites are over-represented and African-Americans are under-represented among serial killers, but this depends on how one defines a "serial killer." The more celebrated, headline-grabbing serial killers are generally white, but if one counts perpetrators of multiple homicides, including drug- and gang-related killings, then African-Americans account for between 20% to 30% of all multiple perpetrators, according to statistics compiled by the FBI. Asians, who comprise probably under-represented among American serial-killers.

African-Americans comprise about 13% of the total U. Asian serial-killers are extremely rare in the United States, but Asians comprise only about 4% of the U. population so, statistically speaking, one would expect few Asian serial killers.

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But, law enforcement officials agree that each serial killer is unique.

Society does not currently have sufficient knowledge to predict serial killing before it occurs and thus prevent it from happening.

Research into this phenomenon is ongoing, and a small industry has sprung up around the practice of "profiling" serial killers in order to assist in their apprehension.But with such small overall numbers, and with no universally agreed upon definition of a homosexual, it would be impossible to determine the relative frequency of homosexuals among serial killers.Unlike gender and race (clearly ascertainable), there are no physical or genetic tests for sexual orientation.Legally, all or nearly all of the homosexual serial killers on this list would be considered sexual deviants because of the extreme and violent nature of their acts -- not simply because of their homosexual orientation.It must be emphasized that violent sexual deviancy is exhibited by heterosexual serial killers as well.

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