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That is not what happened in my case," said Peterson, who again told the audience about the incident and his immediate confession to the parents and law enforcement. Before this happened, I would have said and meant it, 'I would never have an offense against a child.

That wasn't who I am.' But the problem was I did have an offense against a child," he said.

which says I'm the most dangerous and the most likely to reoffend of all sex offenders.

It also says my offense was the rape against a child," said Peterson, as state officials, law enforcement and Belmont Police, who had spoken earlier, stood silently behind him. "It happened over the course of a weekend 12 years ago," said Peterson. But for the majority in the hall, Peterson's admission was compelling.

Speaking in a calm, slightly high-pitched voice, Peterson described in the most general terms a single incident, an assault, committed in 1999 in Ohio on his niece, who was under 13 years. " a woman cried out from the back of the hall, breaking the tension with the outburst. "This is important," explained a resident, who said she came to the meeting not knowing anything about Peterson or even the issue of a level 3 sex offender living in town. But we are being told that we need to be knowledgeable to protect our children," she said, adding that she wanted to hear what "Mr. "I'm shocked what I'm hearing but I want to hear it," she said to the applause of many.

"It's not important what I did," said Peterson, to the derision of some. I'm a sex offender and I committed a crime and I did spend four years in prison for," he said. "The problem with that word is when I hear [it] and [the phrase] a sex offender likely to reoffend, what I hear is 'a pedophile.' That word has been tossed around ...

And, because we know middle school isn't the only time for parents to have ongoing conversations with youth about sexuality topics, we offer age-appropriate workshops for parents of children in early childhood, elementary and high school."My crime was not against pre-school children or somebody I didn't know or lots of lots of children. "If you have serious questions, talk to me," he said. On the first day of school, a white SUV showed up and approached a child. Peterson and his wife, who sat next to him at the meeting, said they are not immune to the fears of those who wish to harm children. He discussed initiating meetings with Belmont High School Principal Dr. There's not a whole lot that I can do about that, except some of the things I can do," such as not talking or "hanging out" with children and informing all their friends and the parents of his daughter's friends about him and his past. At the end of the meeting, as the audience was leaving, a smartly-dressed man came up to Peterson, shook his hand and said it was a "brave" thing for him to acknowledge what he did and present himself to the town. Dan Richards and is church's pastor (long-time educator, former Watertown High School Headmaster Steve Watson) on "the kind of things that scare people" about him. Peterson said his crime was against a family member, not "running down the street and see some children." The question whether I should be living near a preschool is a question that is more asked in general" about convicted sex offenders like Peterson.

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