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She made her debut as an authority figure and basically stayed throughout her run as a non-wrestling figure.Brooke was fondly remembered for her time as a love interest of Bubba Dudley; the storyline was truly painful.She recently ended up making headlines for all the wrong reasons as her dad was caught using racial slurs about her former boyfriend.Brooke defended her dad by writing a poem, but it was all for nothing as Hulk suffered the brunt of his actions.These are 15 secrets Brooke Hogan doesn’t want you to know about. In one of the more curious moves you’ll ever see, Brooke decided to walk in her father’s footsteps by joining the wrestling business.However, she wouldn’t ink a deal with the WWE but join the lackluster TNA promotion which garnered the very same results, lackluster.

Back in 2005, reality TV was only beginning to scratch the surface in terms of relevancy, and the program helped pave the way for countless reality shows in the future.

The family milked their fame for as long as they could till the show was finally cancelled.

Upon the cancellation, VH1 decided to keep Brooke on board by casting her in the networks spin-off, .

To Brooke’s credit, she did manage to rack up an impressive music career with some songs that managed to break into the Billboard Hot 100.

Though, most her star power surely would have never happened had in not been for her celebrity father Hulk Hogan, who basically opened the doors for her career.

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That wasn’t the only thing Brooke wishes was kept a secret.