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Organised in partnership with the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, the exhibition reflects on the on the daily rituals of domesticity, the home and women’s relationship with the domestic space from the 1960s until today. The exhibition showcases works by artists ‘active long before 1994 …

who not only share with us who they are, but in so doing allow us to see ourselves and to understand our shared histories more clearly’.

The trope name comes from the 1986 film starring Kathleen Turner and Nicolas Cage, in which Turner's character is able to relive her high school days.

(Of course, the film title, itself, is a Buddy Holly reference.) Noting the above, it needs to be reiterated: this is writer, the character can gain Mary Sue-like traits (knowing exactly how everything will happen and thus managing to get a "perfect" result from every scenario, etc) but generally the two do not intersect — if anything the experience is often unpleasant for the character in question.

It contains contributions by award-winning journalist Mark Gevisser, historians Chika Okeke-Ogulu and Ciraj Rassool, and leading scholar Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela.

Sue Williamson will be showing two works from her series, dating from 1993.

Fragments of homes and possessions picked up from the grassed-over demolition sites of District Six, Cape Town, are encapsulated in small transparent blocks.

Arranged neatly on the shelves of display cases, the blocks contain silent remnants of a once vibrant community.

Williamson takes part in a conversation with Homi Bhabha (Harvard University), one of the world’s premier post-colonial literary theorists, and Tamar Garb (University College of London) about the ongoing societal implications and impact of apartheid-era traumas.

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The Shrine Empire Gallery in New Delhi presents a solo exhibition for Sue Williamson, titled Sue Williamson: Other Voices, Other Cities (1 November – 9 December).