Tantric singles dating

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Tantric singles dating

We do know that Tantra was born in India and practices today extend from either Hindu or Buddhist lineage.

Hindu Tantra as an integrated yoga practice focuses on freeing the obstacles that prevent us from loving ourselves deeply and knowing the Oneness that exists between us all.

Aim to see everyone you meet from this compassionate perspective.

The event’s Facebook page is here, while you can book tickets via Eventbrite here.I could have written an article about flirting, or online dating as those are also keys to finding love.I chose to write about Tantra because it addresses the keys at a very deep level – where healing happens as it needs to, and light begins to shine so brightly that the happiness you find there is the LOVE you are looking for!Tantra is one of the most ancient philosophies and practices of our time.No one is sure that the legendary story of Tantra being passed down from spiritual masters who lived in the ancient South Pacific is true or not.

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This is located at 32 North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7. Following our successful speed dating event last November, we are ready to bring it to another level and help singles to connect once again.

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