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Taurus and dating

Many are business owners themselves, and good ones at that because of their steady, stoic personas.If you have found a romantic partner in a Taurus, you have a sensual, luxury-loving, loyal lover.Like a bull, the Taurus personality will almost never lose course and will remain level no matter what chaos surrounds him.Taurus knows his own strength but usually handles situations with dignity and self-control.This is a sturdy child with a good appetite - sometimes too good. When young, the Taurus child may be prone to fly into rages over little upsets, and these will have to be handled with quiet logic rather than force, or the situation will quickly spiral out of control.Taurus children will generally obey the rules and will follow a steady course in school, usually somewhere in the middle of the class.They won't turn out work in record time, but rather will just make steady progress until the given task is completed.

Watch out for a lazy streak in the Taurus child - they may be slow to walk or crawl, and they may be content to play in one spot in their room for long periods.The child will appreciate comfortable surroundings in his bedroom and consistency in his schedule.Don't rock the boat by changing things around too much in the Taurus child's domain.Once he forms an opinion, he is immovable, and nothing will change his mind.Taurus likes the good life, but tends to be careful with money, slowly building up wealth as he goes.

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These folks handle tasks steadily and confidently, rarely complaining or getting into a tizzy about minor setbacks.

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