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Teen dating love help advice

In today’s world our girls are taught that women are exactly like men, and that isn’t the case.Men and women were created differently by God on purpose.I like to seek out a new Bible that will specifically target the person I am giving it to.One of the people on my list this year is a sweet girl that just entered the teenage years.The teen years can be wrought with so many emotions both good and bad, ups and downs and just a lot of questions.This is the age where faith can really come into play and help kids make the right decisions and take the right path.

The “NIV Bible For Teen Girls” also has character profiles of Women in the Bible.My very favorite part of this Bible is the growing in faith, hope and love section. ” is especially helpful as it describes what the Book is about.This is where application comes into play and really gives them what they need to learn and grow in ways they can understand. There are little pieces of paper and memories that tucked away between it’s pages. My initial thoughts were that some of these explanations could be reworded a bit to make it easier to understand.Teen girls aren't easy to shop for but the NIV Bible made just for them would make a great gift this holiday season! While my Bible is special to me, to my children it’s worn out and they wanted their own Bibles to grow up with and call their own. For example in the overview for Genesis it talks about how God made a covenant with Abraham, when I was in my teens I didn’t really understand what a covenant was.The “NIV Bible For Teen Girls” is a New International Version of the Bible designed for teen girls living in today’s world. The hard cover makes it perfect for packing on week-end retreats and taking to church. In contrast, the overview for the Book of Psalms describes the different kinds of psalms you’ll find and provides examples.

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You will find the traditional devotions about Making a difference, Power of Words and Loving Yourself, but you will also find tougher topics like Abstinence and the Occult.

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