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The visitors are unable to crawl back in the match and return home defeated and mired in 10th place, while Puebla rises to fifth.Although just two months in the past, that cold February night might as well have been epochs ago.Nonetheless, the story has been largely ignored outside of Toluca, Mexico's fifth biggest metropolitan area with just over 2.6 million inhabitants.With heavyweights America and Chivas in the conversation for titles of their own in Liga MX and the CONCACAF Champions League, respectively, Toluca's fantastic run has been largely overshadowed by Mexican media."Obviously we're working to be better than ever," said goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera.

On social media, calls for Toluca's manager -- Hernan Cristante -- to be fired intensify.Whether Cristante's men can go on and once again, as he did, buck the trend and lift the championship after finishing first is still a long way ahead.In the meantime, the manager isn't concerned with the lack of outside pressure from media, instead focusing on motivating from within."We have the same inertia, the same amount of desire to move forward," he said.Dicen que si dos personas están destinadas a estar juntas, no importa la distancia las circunstancias, o si el mundo se opone, al final el amor terminara venciendo, pero.. aun no puedo saberlo, solo sabrá que la quiero, la adoro y que me llena los vacíos como yo lo también lo haré por ella.

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Returning in February after a serious injury, the former Chivas man has allowed just five goals in 11 games since reclaiming his starting spot, with five clean sheets.