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His hair has stayed in the same style since his first appearance in Sneeze, only sometimes it is seen grown out slightly.He is sometimes seen with an unshaven appearance, mostly when he goes on drinking binges.When Oliver descended into depression after learning that Lionel Luthor killed his parents, he turned towards a lifestyle of women, drinking, and partying.He then again abandoned his Green Arrow duties and spent many months making the gossip pages.However after Chloe and Roulette helped him become Green Arrow again he had a greater apprehension for murder and showed restraint when fighting his old mentor, as well as telling Hawkman that vengeance and murder is not the way to get justice and choosing not to murder Zod when he could have.(Disciple, Absolute Justice, Part 2, Sacrifice ) Oliver has been overcome with despondency in the past, going back and forth between a belief that his life has no purpose, and the belief that he could make a make a difference as the Green Arrow: Oliver easily assumes a leadership position and as Green Arrow, has been the leader of Smallville's version of the Justice League.

It is therefore unclear how much influence or stake Oliver currently holds in the company because of Lex taking back control of Luthor Corp, which he renamed Lex Corp.(Rabid) As Green Arrow, Oliver masks his identity with a green and black leather costume.It brands a green 'G' on the belt and also has a hood and black sunglasses which contain a voice changer.Many more still find their presence on earth largely as lucrative as it is an oddity; many devoting the entirety of their lives discovering their connection to earth while some have the unfortunate luck of stumbling onto their conflict. But before your President decides, please ask him this: What if we leave, and you're wrong?Galloway: So let me ask: If we ultimately conclude that our national security is best served by denying you further asylum on our planet, will you leave peacefully?

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