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Posted by / 28-Sep-2017 17:48

It must be the choice of colors, gradients and the overall theme.

I would like to see bigger fonts and a few small quirks cleaned, like for instance, the Documents folder icon on the desktop not having its text split across two lines as this looks rather bad.

The desktop will change to the KDE Netbook layout, which might take up to a minute.

When it is done, you will probably see only the desktop, as shown in the first illustration above.

If KDE isn't your cup of tea, then Simply MEPIS is probably not your cup of Linux).

Items can be removed from Quick Launch by placing the mouse cursor on them, and then clicking on the minus symbol which appears in the top left corner of the icon area.

In much the same way, items can be added to the Quick Launch area by locating them in the Main Menu (for example, Firefox is under the Internet menu), position the mouse cursor on them, and click the star that appears in the top left corner of the icon area.

That will bring up the Desktop Settings window, where you can change the wallpaper and customise the menus.

I also always customise the Quick Launch area contents, to match my typical use of the netbook.

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