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The various protocol and architectural options available to network architectures will also be shared.In order to have sophisticated security, there are some standardized design principles that should be followed.To start/end the Dashboard Data Summarization job, use the following commands: Start - PNSSTRDASH End - PNSENDDASH Execution of the Dashboard Data Summarization job can be controlled with the following commands: PNSHLDDASH - Use this command, Hold Dashboard Collection, to set the system in a state such that data collection to support the web interface Dashboard will not run.PNSRLSDASH - Use this command, Release Dashboard Collection, to release the Hold Dashboard Collection command, allowing data collection to occur.You can also select to see the individual server's counts for the past 24 hours.To activate this feature, start the Dashboard Data Summarization job.The Dashboard displays a count of all transactions monitored or controlled by Network Security.

With the ever-increasing sophistication of hackers and the continuous popping up of vulnerabilities in frameworks that were previously considered safe, it’s of paramount importance to pay great heed to the security of network architecture.

The Network Security 7 web server has been discontinued in favor of the Help Systems Insite web server and browser interface, which offers simultaneous viewing of rules across all systems on your network and support for other Help Systems products including Robot Schedule and Robot Network.

Insite is not installed during Network Security's installation procedure.

System Administrators or users cannot be in any of the Powertech product libraries during this update.

Object locks on shared objects may cause the update to fail. Network Security requires that you enter a valid license key in order to protect your servers.

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If the Installation Wizard changes a system value during install, it changes it back to its original value when the install completes.

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