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Updating pb manually

Digital audio output is available on v1.6 boards, while it can be added via an add-on board for earlier boards (see below) .Currents up to 200m A can be safely supplied via DDC 5V power pin to external devices such as active cables.Analog output pins of DVI are not used, so it is not possible to connect to a VGA monitor via a passive DVI-to-VGA cable or adapter (an active adapter is required instead, see below).Analog audio from SCART input is bypassed to a 3.5mm stereo output jack next to video output connector.RGBHV and RGBS modes require clean TTL-level sync signals and cannot extract sync from composite video or luma.

If you're new to the OSSC and scalers/processors in general, you may wish to start with the quick start guide here.This input supports video in RGBS, RGs B (sync on green) and YPb Pr formats.Composite video, luma or composite sync can be used as a sync source in RGBS mode.The AV2 input is a set of three RCA connectors which supports both component video (YPb Pr) and RGB (RGs B format).The AV3 input is a VGA/HD-15 connector which supports video in RGBHV, RGBS (pin 13), RGs B and YPb Pr formats.

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A 470 ohm series resistor on the console side of the cable is generally a good solution when using cables which are wired for the TTL-level sync output of a console.

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