Updating ssl

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If the Get/Renew button is not available select the required product, then the options, and when presented with the page for the CSR, sign into your account at this point.

If you purchased through a reseller please contact the reseller.

Do I need to install the new SSL certificate you send me?

Yes, the dates are hard-coded into the SSL certificate, so for the site to present the correct certificate the new one must be installed.

Please click on the renewal link inside your renewal reminder e-mail.

However, the renewal emails are sent only to customer who came direct to Comodo and not those who came via a reseller partner of Comodo.

You can use the following command to get the list of certificates installed in the keystore.Please note that during the renewal process you will require a new CSR I did not get the renewal email, can I still get the extra days?Yes, If you have changed e-mail address and therefore not received a reminder then you will need to log in to your account area to renew the certificate.For an example and additional information, refer to Citrix Documentation - Adding or Updating a Certificate-Key Pair.For more information on managing certificates on Net Scaler refer to Citrix Documentation - Managing Certificates This article was translated by an automatic translation system and was not reviewed by people.

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