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Uspc dating codes

The concept of commemorative stamps that we are used to now was first issued in 1893.Parcel Post began in 1913 and scheduled airmail services kicked off 5 years later.The orange Frolics 10 and red Frolics 30 have different small numbers on the back, which we believe are security numbers (each chip has a different number). 3 1896-1907 Chicago Merchants Club (CMC) poker chips/tokens. Click here to read more about them and the famous CMC in my recent auction . Only I have these Old Faithful, Livingston, Montana, chips, from the 1920's. Here were no secret codes or names of friends to be dropped to gain admission. A list of the entertainers who performed there (EVERY major act in the country! For nearly three full decades, the Chez played host to the greatest legends of stage, screen and radio -- Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Sophie Tucker, Ethel Merman, Milton Berle, Jimmy Durante, Pearl Bailey, and the list goes on.Read the story about them from my latest completed auction: click here . In many parts of the US, but particularly in Montana, "good-for" tokens like these were used for poker and other gambling games. Cartamundi Playing Cards Co., Belgium, supplied the chips and playing cards for the 2006 movie and the chip auctioned here -- again, same chips in both cases. There you will see the story behind the chips, and screen shots from the movie, starring Daniel Craig. this is one of the most influential and exclusive clubs in the United States. Hudson and shipped to Bee Hive Tavern, Coos Bay, Oregon, no date given on the card. Anyone could enter a casino, customer tourist, or police officer." Chicagos famous Chez Paree was arguably the most glamorous and famous dinner nightclub in the country in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. The authenticity of the chips is verified in the Chip Guide at Furthermore, all 5 chips below came together from a sale to me by a woman familiar with the Club... Find a brief history of the club here: https:// and During the radio years, its shows were frequently broadcast around the nation. Return privileges.) (Click here to see my regular Illegal Chip Sales List .) The Frolics, Chicago, Illinois. Only I have these chips, other than some collectors who bought a chip from me (I bought out all of the chips from a man in Wisconsin whose mother worked in the Frolics and rescued these chips). The casino offered craps, roulette, blackjack, chuck-a-luck, poker, faro, 150 slot machines, and a 400-seat bingo parlor.As I show in the auction description, he not only owned the club, but was arrested there (per Chicago Tribune newspaper story). The Rex was so successful that Cornero and his partners netted upwards of 0,000 a month. Newspaper story on gambling raid on the club: here. The club was located in a three-story warehouse building at the corner of Ontario Street and Fairbanks, two blocks east of Michigan Avenue, a stones throw from Chicagos famous Miracle Mile, created in 1917 as an automat, where home-cooked meals in glass cases could be purchased by inserting coins into slots.The United States Postal Service (USPS) works hard to get your posts and packages sent on time while always “delivering solutions to the last mile,” as they say.Chameleon John is now introducing USPS coupons that can go a long way for you.

In 1863, USPS introduced free city delivery and in 1874, the General Postal Union was established to coordinate postal policies among some countries like Germany, Egypt, Austria-Hungary and more.

Tokens were also used in case of police raids -- the owners could claim that the chips were commercial tokens for change and advertising premiums. Good/nice condition; the reds are a little soiled and might have an occasional small burn. But just now, an author of The Gambling Table ID'd the chip for me as follows: "The Wheel Club opened in Billings in 1927 and is closed.." The chip is a casino chip size 1-9/16." It has no rim mold design. Note, in the picture above, to the left of the bottom of the blue chip [discolored by scan setting] is "Enginee...", and to the right is ".. I also have the chip in pink, which I'll include in the order, for free. The property, now called the Schatz Building, is still in the family.

This is my last 5 white Old Faithful, Livingston, Mont., chip. To the left of the red chip is "Broo...," and to the right is "n... I believe I am the only person who has these chips. (I later found out that the address of the club was at 117 Remsen Street, Brooklyn NY -- that's in the Brooklyn Heights-Downtown Brooklyn area, a high-class brownstone townhouse neighborhood, not far from where I live. In homage to its glamorous nightclub past, the building now houses The Chez, a contemporary private event space that offers an elegant backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions, private parties, nonprofit happenings, bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, corporate gatherings, etc.

If you look at Ed Hertel's illegal gambling guide, you will see the large number of token chips used in illegal clubs and bars in Montana. The five chips say "Old Faithful, Livingston Mont." w/ the "club" symbol, one one side. The screen shots show these chips, the only chips from the climactic poker tournament visible in the movie. I just acquired some of these 1920's USPC Co.-made die-cut inlaid chips made for the Engineers Club of Brooklyn NY. states for these chips "Re-Ordered 11/19/23." And hand-written in script on the page is also "Engineers Club, Brooklyn." There is no earlier page found, so these chips are from 1923 or earlier. Read this interesting account of the chips and the club, taken from one of my e Bay auctions. 2008) been identified via the manufacturer order cards of the Portland Card Company. I applied toothpaste to the one of the chips, above, to highlight the square-in-circle embossed rim mold design. -- My email address: [email protected] of chips (all from Hot Springs, Arkansas. The Southern, through many ownersips, was 1893 - 1964. I send the best condition I have, all OK in my opinion. Maike (Mike) Fritzel and Joe Jacobson opened the nightspot in 1932.

The small denominations exemplify the value of the dollar then, and the modest income of the residents. The reverse side says "GOOD FOR (so many cents) IN TRADE." The five chips are: 5 Gray, 10 green, 25 brown, 25 red, and 50 light blue. This chocolate brown hub mold chip (some say the scan looks purple, but the chip is brown) has been ID'd by many authorities as from the Ship Fitters Union, 16th & Mission Street, San Francisco, CA. (It is difficult to read the script [dark ink on a dark page] so some have mistakenly read this as "Eugene Club," a mistake easy to make, but on close inspection it is definitely "Engineers Club, Brooklyn NY."). In 1949 they sold the business to a group that included Jay Schatz.

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