Vox amplifier dating

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Vox amplifier dating

I received this package several years ago and for a while I had the intent of using some of them in experimental circuitry.I never did do anything with them and they are still in the unopened packages.You wont have to unplug the microphone and plug in your TNC every time you want to work packet or other data modes. The PK-232 makes any RS-232 compatible computer a digital operating system. Kenwood transceiver in the picture sold seperately on a following page. We will accept personal checks and money orders but please note that orders will not be processed until the check has cleared with the bank.

Switch between microphone and TNC (for PK232 TNC sold seperately here). Two radio ports are featured on the back panel and there is easy HF/VHF radio selection switching on the front panel.

The Ten-Tec Omni VI transceiver will ship with the power supply packed in a seperate shipping box. NOTE: Proof of a current ham radio license is requried to buy this item. Please see Shipping Info for more details on shipping and handling. Once the total of the amount owed is provided, use the Pay Now button below to make your payment. Whether you wish to limit sales to within your own country or offer to sell to hams within other countries, the choice is yours. You do not have to have a Pay Pal account to purchase from us.

On this web site which offers the consignment service for ham radio operators to list and sell ham radio equipment, almost all of the sellers are hams living right here in the United States. If you have ham radio equipment to sell, or anything related to ham radio or of interest to ham radio operators, even if you live outside the United States contact me about including your listings on the web site. Variable Gain Microphone Amplifier with LOW, MID, and HIGH FREQ. I don't have any other information or specs on this equalizer. Pay Pal allows you to use your preferred credit card just like you can at your favorite merchant and your purchase is safe and secure. Click Here for Instructions on paying with the Pay Now button DC Supply 13.6vdc 20 amps with illuminated voltage and current Meters * Output Voltage: 13.8 VDC ( /- 0.05 V) Internally Adjustable (11-15 V). * Continuous Amperage Output 25 Amps * ICS (Surge) Amperage Output 35 Amps * Solid State Electronically Regulated * Fold-Back Current Limiting- Protects Power Supply from Excessive Current & Continuous Shorted Output * Ripple Less than 5 m V Peak to Peak Full Load and Low Line * Maintain Regulation & Low Ripple at Low Line Input Voltage * Three Conductor Power Cord * One Year Warranty- Made in USA * Dimensions : 5" (H) x 11" (W) x 11" (D) * Shipping Weight : 25 Lbs The power supply works. The power on switch works and lights and the volt meter registers the proper output voltage.

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is the little brother of the award-winning Torpedo Reload.

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